This year PCTRS will be supporting the following organization:

Black Women Organized for Political Action (BWOPA)

BWOPA-logoEstablished in 1968, Black Women Organized for Political Action (BWOPA) is well-known throughout California for its initiative in social change, advocacy and ethical leadership. With seven chapters statewide and a membership base of over 1,500, BWOPA is committed to combating the ills of social injustice by supporting the development and implementation of policies that advance the welfare and betterment of the African American community.

Through its non-profit education and training arm – the Training Institute for Leadership Enrichment (TILE), BWOPA/TILE works to diversify the political landscape in urban communities by training African-American women and young leaders to obtain leadership roles in policy and decision making arenas. By equipping the “Now” and the “Next” generation of leaders and innovative thinkers through its annual programming and leadership training, TILE is mobilizing an army of change agents to combat social injustice within the institutions that serve our communities.

TILE continues to pave the way in leadership training through its newly formed Dezie Woods Jones (DWJ) fellowship program, named after BWOPA President and founding member. This program was developed to equip the next generation of bright, resourceful young leaders to continue the fight towards equality and social justice in our local and global communities.

Immersed in a curriculum that will promote and advance leadership skills, Students of the DWJ fellowship program will not only receive personal training and mentoring by seasoned leaders, they will have an opportunity to exercise their learning through community projects. BWOPA/TILE wants to make sure that when it is time for us to pass the baton of leadership to the next generation, that they are ready, willing and able to further the cause of social justice.

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