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“To change the world enough
you must cease to be afraid
of the poor.”

Fear is the enemy. It hinders progress in nearly every facet of life. When we fall prey to fear, it can stifle our success and strain our relationships; in turn, breeding prejudice and fueling animosity. Fear is the root of the negativity that permeates our media and consequently our society.

As a photographer, a creator of media, I feel it’s my duty to inject positivity into the collective social subconscious in an effort to assuage this fear. Because we are all affected by some aspect of fear, Walker charges us all to “seek the same fresh light” that conquers the negativity. I’ve noticed the presence of strong light sources in many of my favorite photos, so I try to incorporate that light whenever possible.

Looking westward, symbolizing progress and societal growth, the subject of ‘Walk Together’ is flanked by his friends of varying creeds and cultures. The sun’s rays, representing the “fresh light” wash over the group. Just as we are susceptible to the problem of fear, we are likewise susceptible to the solution.

Walker encourages the reader that “there is room enough for all of us.” This notion carries a spirit of inclusion that I try to put to action every time I cast a model or hire a crew.

Walker’s solution can be reduced to this simple credo: “We must walk together without fear.”


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